Sergey Pavlov

125310, Moscow, Russia / +7 903 535 0509 /


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IT guy with 10+ years of experience in web development. Focused on IT environment design and implementation in accurate correspondence with business goals. Planning budgets and managing costs optimization issues. Able to successfully orchestrate multifunctional remote and local development teams.


December 2013  -  Present
Chief Technology Officer at,  Moscow/Russia,

Responsible for Strategy of development, Solution Design, Execution and Integration IT operations and technologies. Teams management, including software engineers, system administrators, designers and DevOps engineers. Supervise incident management.

  • Transformed an IT into a strategic business partner; 
  • Managed and delivered multiple large scale projects on time and within budget;
  • Refactored and restructured the IT infrastructure of the company, which led to the reduction of expenses in IT;
  • A significant increased in the performance of the company website;
  • Designed and managed an installation of monitoring and continuous integration systems;
  • Integrated an agile methodology into the development process;
  • Achieved 24/7 site technical support (remote software engineers in different timezones);
  • Designed and organized a smooth rewriting the company website from older framework to new (from hand-made framework to YII2 on PHP), with no lost any traffic or data using split development (part to part);
  • Designed and organized DDoS protection based on Nginx software, Proxy servers and Cisco equipment.

July 2012 - December 2013

Software engineer at Mail.Ru, Moscow/Russia,

Worked on creating a system to aggregate information from thousands of data providers using PHP and Python. The system allowed to get data in different formats from data providers and adopt it to the required format. Was fully responsible for developing s Single Sign-On platform which was used in the future by all e-commerce projects of the company. Participated in a development of API for mobile applications using PHP, also developed the API versioning using multiple extension of classes.

  • Provided protection against OWASP top 10;
  • Had a single responsibility to migrate a whole project from Perl to PHP (;
  • Acted as a team leader deputy;
  • Was splitting large tasks into smaller ones and distributing them among team members under the guidance of the team leader.

August 2010  -  February 2012
Team Lead / Software engineer at Molotok.Ru, Moscow/Russia,

Participated in a development a product for high load (2,5 million registered users, 350 thousand unique users per day, 9 million active lots). Managed a software development team. Participated in a development REST API service.

  • Analyzed in details the pros and cons of using different databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL);
  • Migrated a production DB from MySQL to PostgreSQL using only the Unix command line with difficult regular expressions;
  • Mixed Kanban and Scrum agile methodologies for the better way to make the quality project for a smaller time;
  • Developed a system for merging items from different catalog trees using only Sphinx and PHP.

August 2009  -  August 2010
Software engineer at Parcsis, Moscow/Russia,

Participated in design and develop the architecture of horizontal sharing a big data (65 million documents). Worked on the creation of the deployment process system. Worked on the creation of the system to parse different markup for collecting information using PHP and RegExp.

  • Analyzed a database using various tools and restructured it for the better performance;
  • Created a system to grab and parse HTML-based pages and convert them to the unified format using Regular expressions + PHP + MySQL.

August 2007  -  August 2009
Software engineer at Simbirsk Technologies, Ulyanovsk/Russia,

Modification of the company software products to customer requirements. Development of new product features. Took a part in the development of a product architecture. Quality assurance of the company projects.

  • Built a new Quality Assurance team from scratch. Contributed to developing team workflow and working procedures;
  • Improved the performance of the cs-cart product through in-depth analysis of the architecture using HP WebInspect software.